Unlimited Orgasm

It is possible to hold the feeling of orgasm, the peak, for minutes. Like all other willy tips here, it takes some practice.

It can also be achieved with a partner, both female and male.

Feeling a continuous orgasm for ten to fifteen minutes is possible and can be done with any willy.

Orgasm Control

It all starts with good orgasm control. Good control over the pelvic floor muscle. And with that good control over the willy and the prostate.

The start – stop method should go by itself. You determine the need to cum. You decide when your willy will come, not your willy anymore. You have the urge to want to come under control.

You can cum with and without sperm. And you already manage to empty your entire prostate without feeling any orgasm. You can release all the loads for different orgasms before there has been an orgasm feeling. Boss over your willy, boss over your prostate, boss over your reflexes and boss over your orgasm.

Mini Orgasms

Who controls his orgasms well will learn to recognize mini orgasms. The feeling of an orgasm starts but does not continue. The willy also becomes less stiff or even semi-soft. Then you can build up feeling again and jerk off a bit more fanatically until the next mini orgasm. It is the point where it starts to tingle gently in the thighs. Only it will not continue.

The first step is to get as many mini orgasms in a row as possible. Twenty or thirty of these mini orgasms are certainly possible. If sperm is released in between is no problem at all. It is sometimes even a sign of progress in series of mini orgasms. So don’t be distracted by sperm that can come in every now and then. It is about finding and maintaining the rhythm of the mini orgasms.

If such a series of mini orgasms works well, it can be so pleasant that the big orgasm is not even necessary anymore. It is possible, but it is no longer really necessary.

Maxi Orgasm

As the series of mini orgasms succeed, the final step will come. Orgasm all the time.

First it becomes easier to get the mini orgasms closer to the full orgasm feeling. You can get up to the mountain, but no longer roll off it.

In addition, it also becomes easier to get these orgasms in quick succession.

At some point they start to overlap and have become so intense that it is the same feeling as a “real” orgasm. Without a moment when it is over.

You now have the orgasm feeling but will not come anymore. You can take a break in between, let your willy go limp and relax for a while. Then calmly stiffen again and go another round. Since the turnoff stays away, your interest in your willy just stays.

It can be so nice that you completely skip the actual orgasm for a few days. Certainly people who get a bad mood from the turnoff can feel a lot better during the day.

Never Cum Again

The highest attainable, with any willy, will never come again.

You feel the most intense orgasms whenever you want and for as long as you want. You simply don’t have to cum anymore. It is no longer necessary.

It remains important to empty your prostate preferably daily. Once you have control over that, you no longer need to cum for it.

You will also learn quite quickly that a few 15-minute orgasms on the same day can make you very tired the next day. It is also getting used to the idea that you can now always and whenever you want, have an orgasm that lasts as long as you want. Where it is with a partner, you suddenly “can” whenever your partner feels like it. However, if you have a busy day the next day, better save some orgasm minutes for the next day.

Your life becomes more stable because you don’t have to “wait” all the time for you to get horny and feel like it again. The interest just remains. As a result, you can also choose your willy moments much better. At any time that it comes out you can spend time with your willy. Or stop. Feeling like it or not makes much less of a difference.

You can only do cumming if you want to know how it used to feel or if you are in a hurry. For the rest you no longer need it. And you will never again have a bad feeling about yourself because of that annoying turn-off of the past.

Keep training because anyone who learns it would not have suspected such a nice willy. It is possible with any willy.