Erection Mechanism

Teenagers in particular can feel uncomfortable with spontaneous erections. Common tips for getting their penises flaccid are things like thinking about something really boring or unattractive.

A penis becomes hard because the blood vessels from your penis squeeze. This is controlled from your penis brain in your lower back. It is because of that, that your penis can also spontaneously get hard.

At first it is almost impossible to feel the nerves to your erectile system from your consciousness.

Make your penis flaccid in a controlled manner

To take control of your erection you need to learn how to make contact with your erection blood vessels. They lie deep in your body, just like the sphincter of your bladder. However, as you once learned to pee, you can also learn to make your penis limp.

Your consciousness must learn to feel a direct contact with your erection nerves through your penis brain in your back. You do this by first making your penis hard. Then focus on the tip of your glans and keep looking at your glans. Don’t let anything distract you and keep staring at the tip of your glans. Now slowly blow out your breath, until you see your penis shrink very slowly. Try to make your penis as small as possible. And then make it stiff again to try again.

After a while you can feel in your body exactly where the erection mechanism is. It is a vague feeling that becomes clearer with more exercises as above. What is happening in your nervous system is that there is a direct connection from your consciousness, through your penis mind, to your penis itself. After regular practice, you can eventually simply blow away your erection with the breathing technique, without having to stare at your glans.

Sleeping naked

Sleeping naked is much better for your penis. Since you get between six and eight erections every night, it’s better if your penis isn’t in a slip. Your penis should be able to move freely.

Just as your glans is kept smaller by your foreskin, a slip, but also a boxer hampers the erection of your penis. If you are used to always putting your penis back in your pants in the same way, you will end up with a curved penis. When it’s colder, put on all kinds of pajamas, but leave your penis free.

Just before you wake up, your penis will get stiff too. If you don’t sleep alone, it is important to be able to get up with that too, without shame. Especially if your partner does not have a penis herself. But even when two men sleep together, it still often happens that they are ashamed of their erection when they get up. Sleeping naked and getting used to just getting up with a hard penis without hiding it from your partner gives you a much freer feeling.

Flaccid is Beautiful

In relationships it happens that a partner does not or hardly knows the other’s penis in flaccid state. This reinforces the assumption that a man with an erection always wants sex. It can even become threatening.

As soon as a partner is used to seeing a flaccid penis, a lot of compulsion to perform disappears. Are you also used to just getting up with a stiff penis, or having a siesta during the day while lying on your back and your partner can see that your penis is getting stiff while you sleep? Life doesn’t get hornier. But more normal.

While it is sometimes difficult for women to have their breasts always visible, this applies to penises for men. Which are usually limp. But sometimes just become stiff. Especially if you still have a young penis. If you have a partner who is used to all this, the feeling of having to explain it all disappears. The inconvenience is that you regularly have to reason with your mind why your penis mind came up with the plan to make your penis hard. While sometimes even you are not completely sure yourself.

Cumming with a Flaccid Penis

A penis doesn’t have to be hard at all to orgasm. The nerves in a flaccid penis are exactly the same as in a stiff penis. A flaccid penis can easily be jerked off or sucked.

A problem is often that men, and partners of men, see the erection as proof of the other person’s attractiveness and hornyness. But just as when penises regularly get stiff just like that, it also happens that a penis does not become stiff. Even at a young age this can happen just like that. The only thing a flaccid penis can be awkward with is fucking. While fucking is actually jerking off, but with a vagina or anus.

Those who do not always keep their flaccid penis hidden and have a partner who is used to it, live a much better life.