The Body

As beautiful and attractive as the human body can look, it is full of germs. An adult body consists of approximately 30 trillion body cells. And 300 trillion bacteria, fungi and viruses. About ten times as much. They are less advanced creatures, so they weigh about one and a half kilos in body weight. And they are everywhere. Even in a human brain.

However, do not be alarmed, they are almost exclusively useful bacteria. If a human didn’t have bacteria in his gut to digest food or on his skin to expel bad germs, he wouldn’t have much longer to live.

The human body needs its 300 trillion “pets” to live and stay healthy.

At home

Anyone who lives with other people quickly shares the same germs. They simply jump over by air, touch or contact.

Because these are usually beneficial bacilli, we protect our health together.

However, if a cold virus flies in, we usually all get a cold. There are some indications that people who live together can also share their defense information. As a result of which we sometimes protect our family or friends from germs through more intimate contact. But with colds, this doesn’t seem to be common. And not with more serious illnesses either.


This site is about healthy penises and how penises work under normal circumstances. However, if something doesn’t feel right, you should always see a doctor. That’s what they are for.

In itself, a penis is certainly no dirtier than a mouth, a nasal mucosa, an ear or a hand. However, there are germs that prefer penises or can be transmitted through sperm. Because medical science is still young, there have been many prejudices about penises in the past. And even religious laws. In fact, it became so extreme that jerking off was discouraged. That is not only nonsense, but also really not good for your prostate. And not for your head either because your head is relaxing from all sexual activity.

However, it is useful to be aware of sexually transmitted diseases in particular. Those who have more different contacts in that area are simply more at risk. Also to bring it home. In the past, but also today, monogamy was preached. Or even complete abstinence from all sexual activities. Nowadays you can be vaccinated against various sexually transmitted diseases. But not all. The danger of incurring something is like taking out the trash can. If you do that now and then, it usually goes well your entire life. If you do it five hundred times a day, the chances are that just once you did not see that car coming when you crossed the road.

Penis Doctors

In the medical field, progress is rapid. More and more diseases are becoming known, as well as how you can prevent them. Even if things go badly, they are now able to transplant entire penises. And they still work, although it takes a long time. In the spiritual field, too, much good work has been done by sexologists. A lot has also been said about difficulty urinating. And entire libraries have been written about reproductive problems.

There is not enough science for a real penis doctor.

Little scientific research has been done into the main function of a penis: to enjoy it. The need to do that often. In general, men prefer not to talk about it. Not even among each other. And doctors and scientists quickly become a bit giggly or shy about it. Where the conversation is about wanting to get the best out of your penis on the one hand, but on the other hand whether something in that area is not normal or not quite right with your penis, it often fails both ways. Then it is often that you just have to ask your partner. And if that is a woman who does not have a penis of her own, difficult to really understand.


If you think your penis is sick, or that you or a penis got you sick, see a doctor.

A lot of information can be found with a simple internet search. Both about specific penis diseases and how to prevent them.

Don’t let it stop you from seeking pleasure with your penis. And to share that pleasure with your partner (s). Especially when you are together every day there is nothing scary or dangerous about it.

Your penis is there for a reason.