The picture on the right shows the different zones on the glans. There is an extra zone behind the glans edge.

The different spots are usually differently sensitive.

The feeling of a glans drives more to the desire to cum than it can be used to cum. It is possible, but it is much easier to do with a foreskin. The sensation in the glans makes the penis more wild. This reduces on a bare dry head. If a glans is often or always exposed, a thin extra skin layer forms that feels like felt. Then stroking or rubbing can be very pleasant.

The feeling becomes deeper on a covered or wet head. With oil, for example, a glans from a circumcised penis can feel a bit like how it should have been with the foreskin.

The different glans zones can sometimes get “bored” if the same spot is touched too long. Alternating glans spots is the best way to enjoy a glans. When playing with someone else’s glans, be careful not to get too intense.

Suffering from a too sensitive glans is because the feeling that makes the penis wild is simply too intense. It can feel just as unpleasant as getting an electric shock or accidentally eating something you really don’t like. It can also be compared to feeling a shower that is too hot. Since being allowed to get to someone’s penis is something intimate and has to do with confidence, trust can be immediately withdrawn in such cases. So be careful with hypersensitivity.

Whole Penis

The foreskin can, with luck, cover the entire penis stem. It is more the appropriate part to work towards a full orgasm. Many videos also show how men jerk off without paying any attention to their glans.

There is another feeling in the penis stem. The sense of penetration. It is no different to describe that the penis says “yeaaaaa” when the feeling occurs. It should not be forgotten with sucking. However, it can be so pleasant with some penises that it is too much “yeaaaaa”. Similar to the hypersensitivity a glans can have.

The balls and the scrotum are certainly part of the penis feel too. While jerking or anything else, keep them involved. Stroking and squeezing gently is best.

The outer penis can be felt behind the scrotum. At that point it can also be jerked. It is possible to just jerk there and still come without touching the head or foreskin.


The backside of the penis, behind the bone from which the penis is attached, and the prostate that follows it, are also sensitive.

The nervous system here is connected to everything. Also with the anus and the inside of the bum. That inside also makes its own lubricant during sexual arousal. In case needed.

The basic penis system runs from the tip of the glans to the back of the spine, just above the tailbone. From there, connections also run to many places in the rest of the body. Which a man can really feel inside his own penis. They can also make his penis a little bit harder or softer. Where the connections are strong, some penises can come on remote control, for example by only touching the nipples.

Nipples and More

Many men are already satisfied with the feel of their penis and the intensity of their orgasms. They usually take the snapping off the bargain.

Not infrequently, they have felt their nipples, and quickly concluded that they are of no use. Then they don’t try more often.

Nipples, however, are directly connected to the penis system. At one it all works well, while the other has to discover and train more. They are two buttons that you can feel, especially when you squeeze them, in the center of your penis. When you don’t feel that, try more often. It is very nice to touch your penis through those two buttons.

There are also spots in the palms and soles that are directly connected to the penis. Sometimes men don’t even realize they like to caress because it gives a subtle feeling directly into their penis. Your own penis likes it when you caress someone. This is also a matter of feeling your penis well. It is a subtle feeling that you can learn to recognize.

There are many more subtle spots that are connected to the penis. For example, the skin between the scrotum and legs. There, for example, licking can absolutely excite a penis. There is also the spot directly under the balls. And the the anus.

The Whole Body

In addition to the fact that many parts of the body are in contact with the penis, the reverse also happens.

As a man enjoying his penis forgets everything around, mentally floating in the penis universe, his whole body can become penis.

The place where his penis starts or ends fades. It is as if he himself becomes one big penis. All of his body becomes part of his penis.

Under these circumstances, he can even cum without touching anywhere, just as his adolescent penis had a wet dream at night. This is called hands-free orgasm.

Penises are made for orgasms. If no one else helps them, they sometimes do it on their own.