In public

Generally speaking, showing a penis in public is still considered shameful in the “Western” world. In many countries it is even punishable. While it doesn’t kill anyone. It is called “dirty”, even when you just get out of the shower.

The appearance of a stiff penis is generally considered to be even more serious. This is often seen as the owner intends to rape someone or something. While in reality penises get stiff on their own. And certainly not always out of sexual arousal.

In the company of women it is often experienced as a form of sexual assault.

Ancient times

In ancient times, it was much more common in different cultures to see someone’s penis.

The entire Olympics were done naked. In art, too, men were preferably depicted naked.

That has changed with the advent of new religions. There are many Roman and Greek statues where the penis has been knocked off. As in ancient Egyptian culture you can find statues where the nose has been knocked off. Penises have never done anything wrong. Neither did noses.

Last century

Being naked was reinvented in the 20th century. It has been called “nudism” and is strongly associated with thoughts such as “going back to nature”. The term “naturism” was also coined for it.

There are still “nudist camps” worldwide, often with the strangest rules. Often everything is connected with an extreme philosophy. For example, there are few or no power outlets to charge a telephone or laptop. In some places there are house rules that you can only look in the eye. Letting the gaze descend is seen as impolite. Most camps have house rules as religious sects. In addition, there are some camps that are just the other way around. Where again the excessive emphasis is on having sex. There the moral is that everyone should want to do it with everyone.

The penis and a visible erection play an important role in this. Mankind is still quite primitive in this. Because if they have a dog that gets an erection because he is happy to see his owner, then no one will be alarmed. A still common thought is that a man cannot control his sexual arousal. Which, with a few exceptions, is really bullshit. Even if he has or gets an erection.


In particular, the arrival of the mobile phone, with a built-in camera, has already improved a lot. It has become much easier to take or delete a picture or video of a penis. Fortunately, taking full photos, with penis and face, is also starting to happen more and more.

Having a penis is a more important aspect than many will openly admit.

Because public morality is mainly to pretend that one does not have a penis, men are still prefered censored. With a penis he’s had all his life.


Fortunately, more is possible indoors than in public spaces.

Those who dare learn quickly.

Anyone who gets used to it at home will soon notice that the sexual charge disappears. But also the tension of something that is forbidden. It’s simply a penis. The “reset button” or the “update now” mechanism of a man’s body. Where as a spectator you can reach better than that man himself. It is not more than that. Anyone who forgets the moral views at home, only puts on clothes where it is cold, gets a completely different view. A penis is a very ingenious body part. Which you can look at quietly, without wanting anything. Or having to explain something. A penis becomes beautiful as soon as the sight becomes normal and the sexual load disappears. The penis above is simply a nice penis. Nothing dirty about it, no shame to view. Nothing to be afraid of. It’s just a penis.