Making Yourself Cum

Anyone with a penis instinctively learns how to make it hard and cum with it. Even after shooting sperm, continue gently and then stop, everyone who has a penis of their own learns from themselves.

You slowly learn to recognize that you are getting horny and it is becoming increasingly necessary to cum. You also learn that it is healthy to orgasm. The refraction, the breaking off after an orgasm and the going flaccid of your penis is something you have to learn to deal with.

What every man also needs to learn is how his mind and perception above communicates with his penis mind below. When your eyes see something sexually appealing, it can inspire the nerve center below to make your penis stiff. The same can happen with sexual fantasies. Without touching your penis, it will automatically become erect. As you become more aware of how everything works together in your body, you can get a stiff penis and come with it without even touching your penis. You can even make your penis go limp again along the same route. There is only one way to learn all this properly: masturbate a lot.

Gallery Of Wanking Variations

There are many ways to jack yourself off. Below you will find a whole series of examples.

Give them all a try. If you have a masturbation boyfriend or girlfriend, let them try all the ways with your penis too.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Mental Fantasy and Penis Fantasy

Fantasy plays an important part in enjoying your penis. There are two centers for this. The fantasy in your mind and the fantasy of your penis itself.

For example, by watching porn you can stimulate your penis and make yourself hornier. The same happens when you think back to previous sexual experiences. Your penis responds to that.

Your penis in turn has a will of its own. It can happen that you watch porn that your mind does not like. But your penis does. Your penis shows that by getting stiff and producing pre-cum. By masturbating a lot your mind and your penis get to know each other better. What almost every penis likes to do is go deep into something that is warm and moist. If there is no partner available, you can use your imagination to come up with something for your penis that gives that feeling.

Masturbating with Other Men and Frotting

It cannot be said often enough: Masturbating together by two men really does not make you gay. In many cultures, however, men are still too proud to do it together. While in those same cultures women are much freer when they are among each other. If there are no men, they discuss much more than most men when they are together. As a result, those men will always have to follow the women who have shared much more knowledge and experience.

You can learn a lot more about your own penis from other penises. Remotely by, for example, watching porn together and both jerking yourself off. However, if you also dare to touch the penis of a masturbation friend, you can imagine much better what it feels like for a woman who does not have a penis herself.

Can you jerk each other off, then you are already a big step further. If you get close enough then two penises can be held together, so you can jerk the two penises at the same time. You can then let your masturbation buddy feel with his own penis how you prefer to jerk off. And he can make you feel how he prefers to do it. This is also called “frotting”. Another technique is to put the two glanses in one foreskin. As in the picture above. This is called “docking”. Usually you come (almost) at the same time. At the same time you get to know your own penis better through the comparison. Which is a great advantage if you later want to share your life with anyone.

Masturbating with Women

When masturbating together with a woman, another element comes into play. The sexuality of women is different from that of men. The orgasm of women is also different from that of men. So there is even more to learn for women and for men once they are together.

In general there is a penis on the outside and a vagina on the inside. If a man has never really learned to get to know his penis by heart, or is shy about it, it is more difficult to get to know a vagina well on the inside. Often women then “draw the short straw”. An inexperienced man then cums before a woman has an orgasm and loses all interest.

If you know your penis well, are in control and can communicate about it, you can learn that when it comes to orgasms, the ladies come first. And learned to hold back your own orgasm until the right moment for both. If you can find a good masturbation girlfriend, you can learn that together. Read all the religious books once, learning to masturbate together is not even prohibited in any religion. In addition, it is not difficult to imagine that a woman who knows exactly how a penis works, or a man who knows exactly how a vagina works, will be much better sexual partners later on.