Sickening penises

Search the Internet for “Faces” and you will find information about makeup, care products and hairstyles. Search the internet for information about penises and most of it is about diseases. While diseases can just as easily develop in the face. A mouth contains much more bacteria than a penis. But we happily kiss with everyone.

Of course, there are diseases that can be transmitted specifically or mainly via the penis or via sperm. But through the head just as well. For example, flu and colds, as well as viruses like corona, are spread through the head.

The penis, which we usually use and enjoy on a daily basis, is wrongly depicted as dirty and dangerous for contracting diseases. In addition, science is incomplete when it comes to the penis. It also seems to have only studied diseases, reproduction and peeing.

Dirty penises

An adult human body contains about 300 trillion microbes. That is ten times the number of body cells and about one and a half kilos of body weight. The kidneys filter out everything, so there are no bacilli in the pee. It does, of course, contain nutrients for some microbes. The continuous peeing through the penis is just to keep it clean.

A freshly daily washed penis is therefore cleaner than a mouth or nose. The latter is never even washed inside.

Unfortunately, even just the sight of a perfectly normal penis is often categorized as “dirty”.

Sacred penises

The penis plays an important role in sacred books. What many books have in common is that someone who wants to achieve absolute enlightenment must stay off their penis. To achieve the highest illumination, playing with the penis mentally resets everything, which is the most important function of a penis. It is an inhuman task.

In addition, various books call for circumcision of penises. Preferably as young as possible. Allowing such abuse at an early age is useful if war is to be fought later. It makes more aggressive towards any alleged enemy.

To this day, many modern doctors participate in this practice. So-called because it is better this way, or because it is simply more hygienic. While they are primitive medicine man practices. Especially with such young minors.

Stupid penises

Each penis has its own mind. That determines how that penis reacts. And what the preferences are of that penis.

That mind is close to the penis. Down there.

Men are then again asked to explain the behavior of their penis. Which they cannot always do. penises, in turn, are usually treated as utterly stupid as a result.

Also, the whole mechanism of getting horny first, then snapping it off and losing interest can be very confusing. Also for men themselves. That also contributes to completely put away the penis as something that does not know what it wants.

penis Words

Many words exist that make the existence of a penis either cold theory or are outright swear words. Finding a nice word for a penis is a difficult task in many languages. Also when creating this site it was not easy to find the right penis friendly word.

Doctor’s words like “penis” or “genitals” are too ridiculous for words for one of the most fun and interesting parts of the body.

The many penis and ball swear words, which can be found in many languages, stem from the fact that men often only partially understand their own penis. Jacking off, one of the nicest intentions of a penis, and what almost all men do most of their lives, is something made ridiculous by misunderstanding.

The hope and intention of these pages is that men can talk more openly about their best piece. And scientists might try doing some more thorough research so that there might be a new kind of doctor who knows everything about having fun with your penis, how it works, and how things can be improved if something does not go well.