To be able to pee only while standing, or to reproduce, the design could have been much simpler. In the case of peeing, it is only an extension. Effective reproduction occurs at most ten times in a lifetime.

A penis is much more complex.

At first glance, it is in a rather clumsy place. The balls underneath also seem to hang awkwardly. The glans is crooked and the foreskin is often crooked the other way round. It is actually a very weird and ugly device. In the picture on the right it looks like a surreal ant from a science fiction movie.

Muscles and Bones

There is no bone in a penis itself. The only bone that matters is where the penis is suspended from: the pubic bone.

Muscles are there. There is a pelvic floor muscle. Which is also used to pinch after peeing. The urethra is also a muscle that pulses with an orgasm. The blood vessels to the penis are also muscular, squeezing together to allow the penis to become hard. The scrotum is a skin muscle that can contract with cold, but not only with that.

The ducts from which the balls hang are muscular, allowing them to pull upwards. Even the skin over the penis is slightly muscled, which allows it to contract when pushed forward over the glans like a foreskin.

The bladder and anus are closed by a sphincter muscle. And the prostate gland, between the penis and the bladder, contains a muscle that releases the sperm. Almost all sperm comes from the prostate, not the balls. The cross-section on the right shows that from the outside, on the body, only half the penis is visible. It extends all the way inside and is twice as long.


The nerves connect everything together. The penis itself has special sensory nerves, which can change sensations.

The scrotum and anus are also connected, as well as the rectum, or the inside of the bum. It is also clearly visible that this part is made for a penis. The whole shape is already there. It therefore has a second sphincter above to keep the last bit free for a penis. And a proprietary system that produces lubricant. Even if someone has never had a penis in it or would not ever consider it.

Together, the nerves cause the pleasant or unpleasant feeling. They ensure that the muscles are operated, the penis becomes hard, or shoots sperm. In the latter case, the anus often contracts at the same time as the scrotum. It is all connected.


Where the nerves do the fast work, hormones do the slow work. The main function of the balls is to make testosterone. But there are more hormones that come from the hypothalamus in the brain.

You don’t get horny from testosterone in itself. It builds up slowly. At a certain level you will automatically feel the urge similar to when you get hungry or sleepy. The penis starts to feel better. Perception becomes sharper. The hunt opens up on either horny fantasies and memories, a partner or porn. The hypothalamus begins to make endorphins when it starts, which also play a role in smoking, drinking, or drug use. It feels good. So good that you forget everything around you.

The reverse happens by orgasming. The hypothalamus produces Oxytocin and Lactose. And that ruins everything. The penis becomes soft and hypersensitive. The interest in anything sexual can even turn into aversion. Some men are hardly bothered by this and can easily continue afterwards. Even in early puberty one can be so horny that the turn-off is hardly noticeable. Other men can be like a candle being blown out. They need time to recover. This is called refraction.

The Penisbrain

The central system that controls everything is at the bottom of the back. Just above the coccyx.

Here is an independent part that determines what is or is not found horny and responds to the hormones that go around. The feeling of cumming comes from here and is passed upwards. It is the place where the “own will” of the penis is located.

Since the invention of psychology and the ability to scan the brain, people have been measuring what is happening in the upper chamber of people. When they flirt, get horny or have sex. Where never a really clear pattern emerged. That’s because the most important thing doesn’t happen there. That’s why things like conversion therapy for gays or talking to sex offenders are so ineffective, or make the latter even worse. You “are” gay, straight, bisexual or asexual, literally because your penis likes it, likes it more or likes it the most. Or not. And that happens downstairs. Which is then passed on as pleasant or unpleasant to the brain upstairs. Therefore, all these things are not a conscious choice. The mind and consciousness is in the top of the head. The penis will is down. The mind above tries to explain only what it receives from below. However, it cannot change anything. There is no man who can consciously decide or choose to have a boner. That is also thought up down below. A man can even try to tell his penis, but penis does not care. The #metoo behavior is also the result of this, in men who cannot separate their penis will and conscious mind, but also do not understand that the other sex-understanding must also agree to have it nice. The same is just as common in women, but that usually should not be said.