Before Birth

Before birth, the body decides after the third month whether a penis will be constructed or not. First, the glans grows larger. Later the foreskin grows over it.

The scrotum also forms, but is still empty. The balls pass through the abdominal wall and only descend later.

In the drawing to the right, the boy on the left and the girl on the right.


In childhood, the foreskin remains adhered to the glans. The glans is often super sensitive.

The only function of the penis is to be able to pee upright. Something girls can’t.

Getting stiff does happen regularly. But without sexual function because there are not enough hormones to really get horny. You can also dry orgasm, but it is often not discovered because interest is lacking. Or because it is simply hurts to get there.


The body becomes hairier, the voice drops and the hormones are started. As a result of which the penis also grows much larger.

Wet dreams start and interest in sex and cumming. Preferably as often as possible.

During the day spontaneous erections occur regularly, also just like that and without reason. The main job of the penis changes from peeing to jerking off and cumming.


The adult penis works daily as a mental relaxation mechanism. Meanwhile, things are kept nice and clean and working by regularly peeing with it and nocturnal erections that serve as a quiet gym. The adult man has a lot on his mind. No better way to forget all worries is to enjoy what his penis is for.

While it may vary from case to case, and the stage in which he is with a partner, wanking generally remains the main activity.

If there is a female partner and offspring is desired, then everything can also be used for reproduction. It can then get done in one effort.


The penis remains functional throughout life.

Although hormone production may decline slightly over the years, the need for sex can no longer be daily.

The penis owner has come so many times that the experienced enjoyment has become more important than the race to cum. Having fun with a penis is not just lifelong, it just gets more fun later on.