At a young age, the foreskin is still adhered to the glans. The foreskin also has an important protective function later on. At a certain age, which varies per individual, a boy should carefully discover his glans himself. For boys where this hurts, a warm bath can work wonders because the specific hypersensitivity suddenly disappears. Then it is finally possible to take a good look and see it all works from the inside. Also touching is suddenly no longer a problem.

A foreskin can also be a little tight at first, which can lead to swelling. This can also be solved with regular warm baths and a lot of retraction. For young lads, a bath is much better than a shower. It is much more penis-friendly.

The foreskin is a control mechanism to adjust the sensitivity of the penis. A hypersensitive penis can be made less sensitive by longer exposure of the glans. An extra layer of skin then forms, which even looks like the glans is peeling for a day. After that it feels much softer and more delicate. Conversely, the penis becomes more sensitive again by consistently leaving the skin over it. The extra skin layer on the glans disappears again automatically.

Finally, the foreskin is a directional mechanism when urinating. Urinating from a bare head is also possible, some men do that without problems and prefer it. However, due to the shape of the glans, the beam can also split and actually go in all directions. To make it a neat beam again, doing the foreskin over the glans is an ideal means.

There is a trick to pee with a bare head in a straight stream. By gently squeezing the glans with the index finger on the frenulum, it is often possible to make one single straight ray from several rays.


The inside of the foreskin is almost as sensitive as the head of the penis. The sensation is slightly different. The fastest way to reach an orgasm is to play only with the foreskin, especially where it meets from behind in the knot or frenulum.

On a mature penis, the head automatically comes out of the foreskin when it hardens:


Ideally, the foreskin can cover almost the entire shaft of the penis without constriction. In this way, the penis becomes sensitive to pleasant stimuli from the tip of the glans to almost the abdomen.
Below you can clearly see how the foreskin of an uncircumcised (!!!) penis can eventually be retracted:

Below is a good example. Here too you can clearly see how the skin that only covers the head of the penis at rest can be pulled almost all the way back to cover the shaft of the penis. Without any skin accumulating behind the glans rim. And without the glans being pulled down by the bridle.

Permanent Retraction

In some Asian cultures, it is a custom to keep the foreskin permanently withdrawn before puberty. In public baths, it is found sloppy or even dirty when a foreskin is not kept backwards. Japan is particularly known for this. Because boys start to withdraw permanently before the penis grows bigger, the foreskin does not grow as big during puberty as it does not normally happen in cultures where this is not the case. Often Japanese penises look like they are circumcised, while such penises still have a full foreskin. With all functions as described above. No scar can be seen. However, Japanese young men are less likely to suffer from an overly sensitive glans.

It may be more difficult for those who have not started keeping themselves drawn back before puberty. The foreskin then tends to slide forward again and again. Three factors play a role in this. The narrowing at the tip pushes the foreskin forward over the glans. The frenulum pulls the foreskin forward over the glans. And if the glans has little glans edge, it will not keep the retracted skin in place. After some progress, the glans grows a bit bigger and wider, regardless of age. The counter pressure of the foreskin, which acts as an elastic, then disappears. The glans can then grow to its normal shape.


The frenulum ties the foreskin to the head of the penis at the back. As a result, many sensory nerves also converge at that location.
The frenulum prevents the foreskin from moving freely. And can sometimes be so short that the glans can be pulled down with it.


It is the intention that this frenulum stretches over time. It is so thin that it is no problem to rip. The underlying sensory nerves then only spread over a slightly larger area. It then gives the glans much more space and makes it easier for it to come out when it gets hard. The foreskin can also be pulled back further and more pleasantly.

Stretching also helps with penises where the foreskin is too narrow and tight around the glans. It is precisely that part of the skin that, over time, must be able to have the same circumference as the skin around the penis itself. Forced removal of the foreskin knot is also possible. It is an even less drastic action than making a hole in an earlobe for earrings. A similar hole must then be pierced right through the frenulum, from where you want it split. When the frenulum is stretched, it is easy to find just the right spot. Then a thin thread is passed through the hole and a very firm knot is tied. It is not painful or bloody. The penis can still be used for jerking off or other sex. The knot will just fall out after a week. And both head and foreskin are liberated for ever. Often two small skin bumps remain that automatically disappear after some time. In the end it is very difficult to see where things used to be connected together.

Cutting Foreskin Off

There are various cultures that, out of habit or belief, often start cutting the foreskin in small babies quickly after birth. That requires some violence. The foreskin is still adheredto the glans, so it must be forcefully pulled loose to cut it off. Sometimes things go wrong and an glans gets damaged. Because the penis is still so small, the scar the cutting causes grows later. The glans is still hypersensitive at that age because it is made to come out much later. At such a young age, glans feeling is not only of no use but is far too intense. Although this does improve with a few days, it is a heavy and strange procedure at that age. Especially if it is accompanied by festive activities and gifts. It hurts and gives the impression that the environment has saved the little boy from something bad. Not infrequently, it leads to exaggerated prudery in later life. Also about the sexuality of women. Religious fanaticism arises much more often as well. Not every too young circumcised man is able to reconcile with his fate and sometimes convinces himself that evil must have come from the outside.

What the foreskin is all for is described above. There are reasons for wanting to have a glans exposed, even permanently. Cutting away just like that is a strange habit. It’s almost like throwing away the tastiest piece of the steak.

You should stay away from penises until the owner of the penis sends you an invitation. Usually this only happens after that owner has first thoroughly explored his penis and tested it in all sexual functions and mental aspects for himself.

At a later age it may be useful in exceptional cases to remove a part of the foreskin. Both in medical cases and in practical cases. For example, when it is not possible to keep a foreskin back in a pleasant way.