Adolescent Penises

If a penis has just started to produce sperm, the orgasm is still very intense. While the glans is often hypersensitive. Hormone production has skyrocketed quite quickly, so teenagers are often horny all day long. In addition, it is very rare for an adolescent to have a partner right away.

For adolescents, the emphasis is therefore usually on having as fast as possible as many orgasms as possible. When an adolescent jerks off, there is often no way back. Then there must be an orgasm. It is very good for the adolescent penis to do this as often as possible and to get the prostate to work properly with making sperm.

At this age, it is also normal to experiment with a good friend. That has nothing to do with falling in love or becoming or being gay.

Learning to Stop

Where in the beginning an adolescent often cannot stop at a certain point and has to orgasm, a new world opens up if you try to let go of your penis just before that point. And even get completely limp again. Then you make your penis hard again and try again. Mentally you can help yourself by promising yourself that your orgasm will come anyway, but later.

It is a very important thing to learn. If you have control over your urge to orgasm, then you can control that even when you have sex with a partner. This allows you to focus better on the partner and the orgasm of the other. You lose your sexual selfishness with it.

Also, it is very good not to be uncomfortable with jerking yourself off to an orgasm when your partner is around. To have sex together, two must be in the mood. There will be lots of obligations lost, when there is no “mood” on both sides, to just jerk yourself off and let it cum.

The Start - Stop Method

As soon as you are able to let go of your penis just before you couldn’t hold back, you can expand this technique. Best on an evening or day when you have a lot of time.

If you have made your penis hard to get to that point a few times in a row, your penis will get used to it. What then happens is that the jerk off itself becomes much better. You can also better discover the different zones of your penis. The different zones on your glans. What you feel when you only stimulate your foreskin. What happens if you also gently stroke your balls.

Precisely because you postpone your orgasm, almost your entire body eventually connects with your penis. If you thought you had insensitive nipples, with a start – stop session you may suddenly feel something in your penis when you squeeze your nipples. You can even find the spots on your palms and under your feet where you can feel some vague reaction in your penis. What happens is that the brain in our head contains consciousness. But that awareness learns to listen better to your penis brain at the bottom of your back. That is also connected with almost your entire body. If you’re very good at this, you can even make yourself cum without even touching your penis for a second.


Edging goes one step further than the start – stop method. With edging, you don’t stop at the point where you really just want to jerk off until you cum. With edging, you don’t stop until just before your penis starts to contract and cum.

You can stop sperm from ejeculating by pressing a finger on your pelvic floor muscle just behind your balls. If you have a well-trained pelvic floor muscle, you can stop your sperm by squeezing that muscle group. If you do this often, your pelvic floor muscle will contract on its own at a certain point. Instead of consciously tightening, you can now consciously release it to release your sperm.

Edging is trying to balance on the edge of orgasm for as long as possible. At some point, often after more than an hour, the slightest touch can be enough to fall off the edge and have a full orgasm.

With a Partner

Once you have control over your own penis and orgasm, you can better teach a partner how your penis works. At the same time it becomes more interesting to shift your attention to your partner. No two people are the same. Not even if they are of the same sex. Getting the best out of each other together is very different from obligatory sex where having an orgasm is the only goal.

The techniques are old and come from times when there were no mobile phones, social media or Netflix.

For this time, these are great techniques to forget those addictions for an evening or entire weekend. A common fear is that once a penis can have a go, it is unstoppable to need an orgasm as soon as possible. When you have your penis under control, that orgasm is not the most important thing anymore.