penis Oils

There are two basic ways to jerk a penis. Dry and wet. Various means are used for the latter. They all give a deeper feeling in the penis and especially on the glans. The balls are also easier to massage with.

There are water and silicone based products. But also a simple oil from the kitchen is sufficient. A body milk is less suitable because it often contains alcohol. Alcohol is not good for penises.

The products are especially popular on circumcised penises, because they have only one position because of the lost foreskin: less sensitive. For a man without a foreskin, it is normal to have a stock with different jerking oils.

Occasionally they are also used to get into a bum with a penis. But usually this is not necessary because each bum produces its own lubricant.

A male body makes its own lubricants. In this sense, oils and the like are unnecessary.


What is normal next to a men’s bed are small towels or a box of tissues. To rub off greasy hands, and to clean up superfluous sperm.


Rings can be worn both around the penis and around the balls, as well as around everything.

There are rings for behind the glans rim. These serve to keep the foreskin back. They are often worn for long periods of time by men who train their foreskin to stay back. Especially for stretching the frenulum and getting rid of the narrowing in their foreskin.

Rings on the penis base, both in front of and behind the balls, help to make an erection harder. They are also popular with men who have a moderate erection and see it as a problem. In itself it is also perfectly possible to enjoy and cum with a flaccid penis, but it is often an embarrassment towards a partner.

In particular, a penis ring behind the balls must be carefully chosen in size. A little too narrow and the penis can swell. Although with patience it is quite possible to get it off again, every hospital has experience with men who panic with a swollen penis with a ring that they can not get off. If a penis ring is chosen too large and worn longer, there is a risk that it will fall off in public.

In addition to erectile enhancement, the penis ring has another function. He pushes the balls forward. This creates a more attractive bump in the pants. But it also pushes the balls away between the legs. This can be very pleasant in warm weather, when the scrotum is hanging and can be sticky from sweating. In this way, a penis ring of a pleasant size has a similar function as a bra for breasts.

If a penis ring is worn for too long, or is too narrow, the penis can swell. The foreskin in particular can then become thick. Foreskin in general easily swells. The swellings disappear fairly quickly after the ring has been removed. If it takes too long, it will prick in the foreskin and become very unpleasant.

Penis jewelry does not exist. There are only beautifully designed rings in various styles. A penis is such a complex device in shape that no jewelry designer has yet managed to come up with something that makes it even more beautiful.


A penis with balls in a slip is a beautiful sight. There is a huge amount of different briefs available. It is also always fun to get a penis, soft or stiff, out of a slip again and again. Even if you know that penis long and well.

There are also quite a few men who like to wear women’s underwear. It certainly does not mean that they are gay. It may be that they like to feel their penis in the same slip of the woman to be closer. It is also more common in men who also like to enjoy the backside of their own penis through the bum. For which they sometimes have a friend next to a woman with a real penis, or sometimes also use a tool. In that case, there is no need to speak of a competing love affair with another man. The man in question then likes to enjoy his entire penis and prostate, where something like another penis is necessary.

Poppers and Viagra

Poppers are sniffed. There has been a long discussion about poppers being a a drug or whether it should be used as a presciption drug or just be what it is. It is a fairly harmless substance that narrows the blood vessels when inhaled, which briefly intensifies the feeling of being horny. The muscles also relax, including the pelvic floor muscle. It makes it easier to hand over control over your penis to someone else altogether. Poppers can cause blisters and bleach stains in clothing. The can only be sniffed.

Viagra and other means help to make an erection last longer. It is also possible to keep a penis stiff after you have ejaculated. If you have a not too heavy turn-off then you don’t have to make it stiff again to come again. You do not get hornier. It is nice if you especially love your penis when it is stiff. Means like viagra are also an aid to make a foreskin more spacious or to grow an glans a bit bigger, because a penis stays stiff for much longer. A normal penis can remain stiff for several hours. If it takes longer, it can start to hurt.

There are all kinds of remedies that have an effect on the penis. The effects are usually small. There are also foods that are good for penis health. Like celery or oysters. Eggs are good because they contain cholesterol. Balls turn cholesterol into testosterone. Foods containing zinc such as pumpkin seeds or cocoa, as well as beef, are good for sperm production.

In general, it is done quite lightly about specific penis and sperm diets. While a man who consciously keeps his penis healthy and regularly orgasms functions better physically and mentally. Despite the fact that a prostate breaks down and refreshes unshot sperm, it is much healthier to prevent that.

Dildos and Stimulators

Dildos are used to reach the back of the penis through the bum. They are also very useful to find the right sensitive spots inside. Both inside and outside, no two penises are exactly the same.

Vibrators usually have less effect except on extra sensitive areas such as the frenulum as long as it is not stretched or gone.

Sometimes clamps are put on the nipples. This gives a sensation that seems to come from within the penis. In addition, there are all kinds of toys to tie up. So that someone can not get to his own penis and someone else has the opportunity to get to know that penis undisturbed.

Finally, there are also devices that work with electricity, such as those that exist for training muscles or fighting pains. In itself it is perfectly possible to get a penis to cum this way. There is even equipment that can be controlled via the internet, so that you can make someone cum remotely. It can be dangerous to the heart muscle. Also, too much current can make a nerve insensitive. Nerve recovery can take a very long time. However, it remains the only way to play with a penis on the other side of the world for the time being.