Beginning of Puberty

Puberty usually starts between the ages of 11 and 15. The balls, which have always made a little bit of testosterone, are starting to produce more and more testosterone.

The voice drops because the vocal cords lengthen. Hair starts to grow on the chin, under the arms and above the penis. It is best to start shaving immediately, so that your skin gets used to it. In addition to washing and brushing your teeth, shaving your beard, armpits and penis is also added to the bathroom routine.

Penis and balls grow a lot bigger. The balls to make more testosterone. The penis because the pleasant side of the penis is emering and you have to be able to grip it well.

First Sperm

Due to the increased testosterone, the prostate, which is located inside, between the penis and the bladder, starts to produce semen. That comes out naturally with an orgasm. You may already know the feeling of orgasm. It can also come suddenly because you instinctively touch your penis that has been growing bigger and bigger. If this does not happen, your first orgasm can also come while you are sleeping. This is called a wet dream.

If you don’t know what could have happened, the first sperm can feel like you peed in your pants. In addition, different parts of your body can still be hypersensitive, which can make the first experience quite explosive or even a bit scary. In addition, it is a new experience that something else than urine can come out of your penis. White stuff called sperm.

Especially if your prostate produces a lot of semen, it becomes useful to find a small towel to dry your semen. Or else a box of tissues. Furthermore, semen simply dries up and leaves white spots that are easy to wash away. Going from boy to man requires a razor and a sperm wipe that is always within reach.

Puberty Inconveniences

Adolescent guys are also known for being difficult. There are a number of important reasons that you can do a lot about yourself.

The testosterone can cause pimples on the skin. Especially in the face. If there are many, there are treatments, such as vitamin A cream.

The testosterone slowly makes you horny. Just like you slowly get hungry. Recognizing that you are and are getting horny is something you have to learn.

Your penis sense is developing in the bottom of your back. It takes time to get to know and understand your penis mind.

You get a stiff penis much more often. Even during the day, for no reason. It can get very uncomfortable when seen and you feel like you have to explain. While your penis only does that on its own.

Your glans can be hypersensitive, your balls can be hypersensitive, your belly button can be hypersensitive and if you put a finger in your anus it seems to hurt at first.

As soon as you cum with sperm, your refraction mechanism starts working. The letdown. If you don’t really understand how that works in your body, you can feel guilty or dirty after releasing semen. While just before you were so eager to shoot sperm.

When you notice that your penis is working, you can slowly feel pressured to find a partner, have children quickly and start a family. While you barely know your own new body, are still at school and are far from independent.

Happy Puberty

It is very clear that the whole of puberty is about your penis and your sperm. The general solution is simple: Jerk yourself off as often as possible and learn to get used to your new penis. If you really suffer from refraction, jerk off before going to sleep. Or look for ways to get rid of the refraction by doing something completely different that you enjoy doing, like listening to music.

Try to recognize your own being horny. But also what that does to you. Being horny changes your perception and interest. It can make you less interested in listening to others. Which can irritate others. If at that moment you don’t understand that it is because you are horny or because you forgot to jerk off a few times that morning, you may not understand what you are doing wrong.

Jerking off is not a weak alternative to having sex or fucking. Many men are too shy to admit it, but all men do jerk off. Both when they have a partner and when they live alone. If your back itches, you can always find someone and ask to scratch. But you can also do it yourself. If it’s only natural for you to jerk yourself off when you feel your penis is up for it, then you’re helping yourself immensely. And it makes dealing with sex partners much easier later on because nothing is an obligation.

Puberty Extras

While you are in puberty, you can already start to learn things that you will enjoy later on. Especially if you have your own puberty under control.

Something very nice to get rid of early are the various hypersensitivities. It makes your glans a lot more pleasant if you keep your foreskin back as often as possible as young as possible. If your balls are still hypersensitive, massage them more often.

Discover and train your pelvic floor muscles by squeezing them regularly. Learn to suck your own penis.

Do not immediately look for a steady relationship. First get to know your own penis as well as you can. Look for a masturbation friend and continue learning together from time to time. Teach yourself to jerk off in front of someone like that, and also feel comfortable having someone else masturbate in front of you.

Find out what your penis is responding to. You can have all kinds of thoughts and ideals. But sometimes your penis reacts to things that you had not thought of in your mind.

It is sometimes said that adolescents no longer want to listen. That’s because teenagers are busy learning to listen to their penises at the same time. That is quite a job and can easily take a few years. As soon as you notice that there is more to listen to than just the screaming orgasm, you will notice that you have much less “problems” with puberty. If it gets complex, jerk yourself off quickly. Because that’s what an orgasm does: it resets your head.