Autofellatio: All men can do it

Almost every man has tried to touch his penis with his mouth. For some this is quite easy. But most men do not succeed immediately.

With longer penises, and with a long and very flexible body, it sometimes works immediately. Usually other men give up quickly.

The best way to learn what it feels like, both to give a blowjob and how best to get a blowjob, is to practice with your own penis. The good news is that even men with a relatively small penis and with a chubbier body can learn it. All the way in as the photo on the right shows. Sucking your own penis also helps you to stop seeing your own penis as something “dirty”. There is nothing dirty about a penis. There is also nothing dirty about your own pre-cum or sperm. Anyone can do it. It can also be learned at a later age.

Penis Yoga

The easiest position to suck your penis is as shown in the picture here.

The matrass should not be too hard or too soft. A pillow under the head helps.

It is better to be able to put your feet against a wall. So that the legs can be used to slowly make the back more flexible. It is best to practice this regularly. And don’t go too far. It is much better to get a little further every day than to want everything right away. If you train this position on a daily basis, your penis will get closer and closer. After the exercise, gently roll your back straight again and let it relax from the exercise. You can also repeat this after 15 minutes relaxed.

The first touch

The next step is to practice with your penis hanging more above your forehead than above your mouth.

The purpose of this is that your chest learns to slide over your stomach. With your feet against the wall you can carefully try to walk down the wall. Walk upstairs every now and then to get a better breath and not to strain your back too much.

Repeat this daily until you can at least touch the very tip of your foreskin with your tongue. If necessary, stretch your foreskin as far as possible. As soon as you have touched your foreskin with your tongue, you know that more will work. After each exercise, gently roll your back straight again and give it time to recover. It may feel like a stretch but it shouldn’t hurt.


As soon as you can touch your foreskin with your tongue, practicing becomes more fun. It will not take long before you can touch your glans with your tongue. Don’t forget to take a breather and don’t want to go too fast.

As soon as you can put your whole head in your mouth, try to cum with just your head. If it makes you very turned on, you may cum very quickly the first few times. The more you do it, the less this will happen too fast. It may also be that you just don’t get off easily with only your glans. That’s because you also need your foreskin to cum. To make it better you can jerk yourself off while sucking on your glans. The most important thing is to learn how your own penis feels in your mouth. But also what exactly you feel with your penis when you move your tongue. Or put the tip of your tongue in your pee hole. The better you know that, the better you can show someone else who wants to suck your penis too. If you want to suck someone else’s penis yourself, you can also discover the differences with the other’s penis much better. No two penises are exactly the same. So it’s not like once you can suck your own penis you don’t need anyone else. It does make you a better sex partner.


Once your back is really flexible, it often works even when you sit upright. You can also reach your penis with your hands under your legs.

It is also getting better to get your entire penis in your mouth. An important experience. The nerves in the penis stem respond to the penis going all the way in. Your balls will also react once you can lick them. Or if you can take your balls all the way in your mouth. Should you test it with another penis, the owner will definitely react if you suddenly let his penis go as deep in your mouth as possible. Your own penis does that too.

The better you know your penis orally, the more fun 69 can be. Doing oral with a partner, male or female, can be confusing. You do what you like with your mouth, but at the same time you feel everything in your own penis. Which causes your attention to go from up to down. And back. The better you know your own penis, but also learn more about your partner, the better it can go together.

As soon as you can suck your own penis you will also notice that it will make it healthier. That’s because of the spit from your mouth, which is very good for keeping a penis healthy. The other way around, you also get used to your own pre-cum and sperm. Something that was already in your body is really not dirty or dangerous when it goes back into it.

If you really enjoy sucking your own penis, but also if you don’t like the taste of your own cum, you can use the orgasm control techniques of this site. With that, you can produce cum when you want without orgasming. But also having multiple or continuous orgasms without sperm coming out of your penis. Don’t forget to take a breather. And if you have an uncomfortable feeling in your back the next day with exercise, skip a day of training. Being able to suck your own penis is nothing for a partner to get jealous of. It is an art that also makes you better in bed for a partner. Regardless with male or female.