The Ideal Penis

The ideal penis has a glans that you can touch. He is to be straight. Not pointing to the left or right.

The foreskin is worn back unless there has just been an orgasm and the penis is hypersensitive. Whether the glans could be a bit more sensitive. It is a difficult stage to get to because the head of the penis is crooked on the penis. And the foreskin, once pulled down, is just crooked the other way. So it usually rolls up behind the glans like the neck of a turkey. If the foreskin is not wide enough and the frenulum is not stretched properly, the foreskin will slide forward on its own. The opposite is true for the ideal adult penis – it can feel a bit strange at first when your foreskin is pulled back. If your foreskin is trained, it will actually feel strange when your foreskin is over your glans.

There are penises that are big while they are still limp. But others that can shrink a lot when they are flaccid. The ideal penis is also nice and big when it is fliaccid. The final length is not much of a problem. Flaccid or stiff, an ideal penis lies comfortably in the hand.


Many men use all kinds of techniques to achieve the goal. Penis pumps, stretchers, and all kinds of tricks to hold the foreskin back.

Some even have themselves circumcised, or already were. It helps, but one of the best parts of a penis is definitely taken away with it. Something men from cultures where retraction of the foreskin is considered normal, do not miss.

There are other methods of getting a penis in its proper condition.


There is self-adhesive elastic bandage. As in the picture. Among other things, it is widely used by athletes.

Because it is elastic, it is pleasant to wear. A penis is dynamic, but the connection gives way.

It does not pinch.


Wrap your penis when it isn’t stiff. From directly under your glans. Tape the first strip at an angle, so that it also goes well over your frenulum. Otherwise, a swollen bump foreskin will develop there later on.

Pull your foreskin down well and wrap the rest of your penis around. Not too tight, but not too flexible either. Try to turn it into a “pencil penis”. Your glans remains completely free. It should be comfortable, just like a condom feels.

Wrap your entire penis up to your stomach. Normally there will be some penis skin that slides over the bandage. This is no problem. The piece of skin that remains learns to wrinkle on its own and not push your foreskin back up over your glans later. Change the bandages daily and give your penis some time to recover. A normal phenomenon is that the foreskin at the back of the glans swells like a partial phimosis. This is because the foreskin is there adjusting to the new position. It will disappear by itself. If it swells up considerably, it can take a day. Then give it time to adjust and then wrap again. You should be able to sleep with it normally without feeling that something is pinching. Wrap two or three layers to give the bandage firmness. A phimosis, the swelling of the foreskin, is a common phenomenon, especially in young dicks. It is the normal mechanism of a penis to widen the foreskin. So that your glans can easily come out and ultimately always remain exposed. It can sometimes feel a bit tricky and look a bit scary but normally disappears after a day. If your foreskin is spacious enough and adjusted, it will not or hardly occur anymore. The swelling is a sign that something is changing and improving. Phimosis is often described as a disease, but it usually isn’t. If it really happens very often and becomes annoying, a foreskin can be widened with a medical procedure. You can also completely delete it, but that is a shame. Because foreskin is just as special a piece of skin as the thinner skin on your glans. With an intact foreskin you can vary more with your penis.

The effect

Because the bandage is quite firm, it keeps your penis at the length that normally your penis is in erection, day and night. This also gives your flaccid penis more the length of your erect penis.

When you sleep you will automatically get different erections. Because the bandage holds your penis shaft, your penis becomes stiff, but especially your glans. It grows bigger and is visible quite quickly when you slide your foreskin over your glans again.

The effect is already noticeable after a few days. The foreskin will wrinkle less against the head of the penis, but spread more over the entire penis. Skin renews every about 40 days, but penis skin goes faster. Soon, a bare glans feels more normal than a covered one. The skin adapts. The foreskin pulled back tightly widens where it used to be short and wrinkles up where it used to be long to cover your glans. The glans becomes a bit bigger and more beautiful. Only wanking is a bit trickier while the bandage is there. Because you can hardly feel your foreskin anymore. So you will just have to do it with your glans only to get off.

The effect is fairly permanent after just a week. Your foreskin stays back and feels very natural in that position too. Even if you don’t look or feel, you can no longer feel whether your foreskin is back or covering your glans. If you put your foreskin over your glans, you will sooner have the urge to pull it back again to release your now larger glans. Everything is in place as intended. You can also go back. It takes the longest to make your glans smaller again once it has grown. You also get control over the sensitivity of your glans. By occasionally wearing your foreskin over your glans you can make it more sensitive. Or less sensitive by pulling back.

The penis gain is multiple. Your penis will stay bigger and more attractive, even if it is not erect. You can adjust the sensitivity of your glans so that when your partner is on it, it doesn’t get uncomfortable. It makes your glans more beautiful. Having an erection or not becomes less important in sex because the difference is less noticeable. You feel less uncomfortable and can therefore devote more attention to your sex partner. Finally, a bare glans stays clean longer.