Sperm Production

Sperm is produced in the prostate gland to which two sperm bladders are attached. An empty prostate system fills up with new sperm in a day. If the sperm is not sprayed out, the body breaks down the old sperm and makes fresh sperm. A prostate system is muscular and can squeeze itself like a lemon.

The balls do not play an active role in sperm production. They only produce the tiny spermatozoid cells that passively pass to the two bladders of the prostate. The prostate system is the actual sperm factory.

Composition and Maintenance

The volume produced can vary greatly per penis. A man can produce between 0.5 and 10 milliliters per orgasm. The prostate allows only part of the sperm to go through each orgasm, usually in two steps. So that with a second orgasm there is again sperm to shoot.

After a few orgasms, the sperm factory is empty. Only a few clear drops will come out. It is good to do this regularly. It is like the battery of a telephone or laptop: Very good for the lifespan to occasionally empty it completely. The same applies to a prostate. It is not uncommon for men who have poorly maintained their prostate to develop prostate problems later in life. To empty a prostate properly it is usually more difficult after a few orgasms to get the next one out. If you let a partner do it, she or he will sometimes have to be patient. It can be a difficult or even impossible task for men who have strong refraction after orgasm.

Sperm itself consists mainly of proteins and zinc. Sperm cells only take up 0.5% of the sperm. Semen also contains immune cells (white blood cells) making it anti-inflammatory. It can also combat depression. The original purpose of sperm is reproduction. So it also contains everything to be healthy, strong and positive for the other. Probably even immunity to disease is passed on. Sperm is healthy.


The taste of sperm is difficult to describe. Some plants may have an identical fragrance, such as the Pyrus Calleryana, an Australian pear tree.

The taste can change by what you eat. For example, if a lot of strawberries have been eaten, the sperm can later have a strawberry flavor.

Nature already informs us with the color of sperm (white) that there is nothing dangerous or dirty about sperm. In addition, just because the orgasm sensation is so good, it can interfere with having to warn that sperm is coming. Where it is swallowed in men, it even has an extra value. He needs the components, especially the zinc, to make fresh sperm every day. The next day, sperm comes out of him, which was first partly produced by the other person’s penis.

Penis Drops

Between the prostate and the penis itself is a small gland, Cowper’s gland. Sexual stimuli start to produce a clear liquid. If a penis enjoys what happens, it usually shows by making a drop come out.

One penis produces hardly any drops, the other can produce quite a lot.

It has a pleasant taste and may be intended to reward someone who puts a penis in the mouth because that penis likes what is happening.


Apart from that sperm can also cause pregnancy in rare cases, it is completely harmless.

However, it can sometimes sting. Therefore, try to avoid spraying it in someone’s eyes. It can’t hurt, but it can be a bit unpleasant.

Even a bum can sometimes feel unpleasant if sperm has been injected. If it happens more often or daily, a bum can get over that.