The Handbrake of the Penis

Behind the balls, between the penis and the pelvis itself, is a group of muscles.

This muscle group can be used to stop sperm shooting and cumming. They can be trained very well and then start to hold the cum on their own.

In the untrained variant they usually work together. When the muscle normally used to squeeze urination is contracted, the underlying muscles and the anus also contract. Even with an uncontrolled ejaculation, all these muscles contract with the sperm shooting reflex. The urethra muscle is the strongest. As a result of which sperm can be shot out of the penis at up to 50 kilometers per hour.

Urethra Muscle

This muscle is muscle number 1 in the drawing on the right. You can feel it squeeze by feeling with a finger behind the balls and doing the same as when you stop peeing. An untrained muscle can be kept contracted for a few seconds. When trained, this muscle can squeeze for minutes or much longer.

To get this muscle in good shape, both short squeezing movements must be made with long ones. The first help in shooting sperm further. The second help stop sperm from shooting.

At first it feels like it is the only muscle that can be consciously controlled. The rest of the muscles (2, 3 and 4 and also the anus) move along automatically.

Front Pelvic Floor Muscles

The deeper pelvic floor muscles, 2 and 3, are more difficult to feel separately. Muscle 2 in particular is the most important.

When it comes to cum, the prostate, filled with fresh sperm, wants to squeeze itself out like a little lemon. If muscle 2 in particular is tense on both sides at that moment, then this will not happen. The sperm stays in the prostate. While a complete feeling of orgasm arises. As long as the muscles remain tense, that feeling of orgasm can be sustained for minutes, up to 15 minutes.

The penis does not go limp and the sexual interest remains. It is better to take breaks now and then to let the muscles relax and the rest of the body. However, several long orgasms can be experienced in succession.

The oblique muscles with number 3 are separate muscles. After training, the different muscles can be consciously operated. With separate control over the two muscles with number 3, even a stiff penis can be consciously moved left to right like a windshield wiper.

More Pelvic Muscle Control

Muscle group 4 is first experienced as part of the anus. However, it is not. The anus is a sphincter muscle that is squeezed at rest. The muscles with the number 4 are a muscle plateau. That we often use unconsciously for a fart that is not heard.

When the muscles are trained, one starts with muscle 1 to train. Over time, a more subtle feeling arises. It is also possible to squeeze only from the front, just behind the balls. Or from behind, close to the anus. Not yet as strong as with muscle 1 but it can be done separately. This is the point at which one can consciously contract only muscle group 2 or muscle group 3.

Also muscle group 4 can eventually be contracted without the anus contracting.

When this is achieved, and the muscles have become stronger, they also start working automatically when sperm shooting comes into view. The handbrake is then applied automatically. You can now choose to keep enjoying or to shoot sperm. The latter can also be postponed until the next day.

However, it is advisable to regularly empty the prostate well. Yet this can happen on days when there is, for example, a lot of work to do and sexual interest could distract that. With proper control over the pelvic floor muscles, the prostate can also be emptied without any orgasm being felt. The sperm then simply runs out.

It is the combination of weak pelvic floor muscles, decreased testosterone production with decreased sexual interest, plus not emptying the prostate often enough that can lead to prostate problems later in life. The widely circulated notion that the penis only serves to urinate and reproduce does not help. A healthy penis should be used for what it is intended for.


This boy uses his pelvic floor muscles to move his phone.