Shooting Twice

With one penis it is more obvious than with the other. Basically it happens with all penises.

During an orgasm, the prostate releases sperm. Initially, it ejects through a reflex from the urethra.

Only after that comes the big wave, which can sometimes lead to shooting more than fifteen times. When both events are not directly after each other, it is sometimes referred to as a double orgasm when in fact it is the same orgasm. The feeling of ejaculation really only comes with the second wave. The first shot only gives a faint feeling of sperm release with a first contraction.

Cumming Double

With the orgasm, the substances are released in the head that cause the letdown and make the penis limp and hypersensitive.

If these substances have not yet reached the nervous system below, along with if a man is very horny, then a second real orgasm may occur. Even before the effect of the first does its job.

For men who are used to a single orgasm, it can be a suprising feeling to notice that another orgasm is coming. However, it is possible for a penis to shoot twice.

Without Refraction

There are men who have little or no turn-offs.

Their penises don’t go limp after an orgasm, or just a little.

So they can just continue to build up to the next orgasm. once featured a video series of someone who managed to cum about three hundred times in one day. Although monotonous, it was interesting to see how quickly the prostate produces new sperm. A little bit came out every time.

With Refraction

Those who have a short turnoff can quickly move on to the next orgasm. If you manage to get the penis stiff again, you can rebuild quietly.

In general, it is getting more and more difficult to come again. Often the leg muscles need to be tightened.

Most men, especially if they haven’t come for a while, can manage to cum five times in a row or more. The prostate stores enough sperm to cum a few times with sperm. It is good for health to occasionally, or daily, empty the prostate until nothing comes out of the penis anymore. It is also better for the prostate to come when you didn’t really feel like it at first.

Ignoring Refraction

The effect of a reftraction can be very strong. A penis can really almost cry out to be left alone.

However, because it is the same penis as before the orgasm, the effect is purely penis-psychological. It is controlled in the lower back.

It is possible to unlearn this for a penis, but it takes a lot of time. That the turn-off with age can get worse doesn’t really help either. Still, with a lot of patience, a penis can be taught not to put on. Even then several orgasms in succession become possible.