Libido and Penises

Libido is often defined as sexual stamina and an interest in having a lot of sex. With a hard penis whenever you need it. In theory, a man with a “very high libido” can continue to fuck day and night and his penis never goes limp.

Too much libido is really, really bad. Both for the health of a penis and for a man himself. Endless fucking and cumming takes a lot of energy.

Too little libido is also not healthy. With decreased interest, a penis is not used regularly enough for what it is intended for. An experienced man can help himself if he doesn’t feel very horney. Cumming with a flaccid penis if you are not horny works just as well. However, there are many means of helping men “perform better”.

Penis Stimulating Foods








Pistachio nuts

Penis Stimulating Herbs

Horney Goat Weed

Ginko Biloba


Tribulus terrestris




Erection Pills

Flaccid penis shame is still common. There are still many misconceptions, such as that it is only the sight of a partner that makes a penis hard. Penises get stiff just like that. It also happens to everyone that the penis does not get erect in the presence of a partner. It is not that the man cannot get hard. It’s that his penis isn’t getting hard this time. With a flaccid penis, almost everything is possible one can also do with a stiff penis.

There are various medications to induce and maintain an erection. There are injections to induce erections. To keep an erection longer, there are:




Generally speaking, administering testosterone is not smart. You can get lazy testicles that will produce less testosterone themselves. It is much better to massage your own testicles daily. They come in such a handy squeeze bag for a reason.

Libido dampers

Being horny all day may seem like fun, but it can also be annoying or distracting.

The best libido damper, of course, is jerking yourself off. The refraction after ejaculation takes away the urge.

Another libido damper is alcohol. When some alcohol was consumed, a penis sometimes does not want to get hard anymore. However, it is just another good time to get rid of flaccid penis shame.