Getting the orgasm under control and separating the components like shooting or not shooting sperm starts with training the pelvic floor muscle. The exercises are also called kegels.

The muscle is the only penis muscle that you can consciously operate. It’s behind the scrotum. You also use it to squeeze after peeing. That way you can also feel where that muscle is.

By repeatedly contracting this muscle as hard as possible on a daily basis, it becomes stronger. The nice thing is that it can be done anywhere because no one can see it.

The stronger this muscle, the easier it becomes to stop the prostate from releasing sperm.

Someone with an already very well trained muscle does it here:

A good beginner training is with a finger behind the balls. So that you feel the tightening better. Then do ten short squeezes first. And then try to hold for up to ten seconds. Then ten short squeezes again. Just like with training other muscles, you will notice real results after just a few days.

These are exercises that you can do daily, even if you are doing something else or are at work. Pretty soon you don’t have to feel what you are doing with a finger.

There are good apps with training programs. They are often also intended for women, a man usually has stronger muscles and can do more exercises per day. With a weak pelvic floor muscle you can often only squeeze on-off. Once the muscle gets in better shape, it is better to squeeze and release a little more slowly. Like a hand squeezes. The tightening becomes like to feel something that goes towards the behind, close to the anus. With one or two weeks of good training every day, you can already get a fairly strong muscle with which the shooting, and therefore also the break-off afterwards, can be stopped. When it is almost shooting, the muscle even contracts by itself and a choice can be made. Let go or move on. It is also important that the muscle can be squeezed for 10 seconds or longer without any problems. Of all penis muscles, this muscle is the only one that can be controlled. But as soon as it is strong enough, everything can be controlled with it. Also to stay stiff and keep going.

Orgasming without Shooting

With a well-trained pelvic floor muscle, it is possible to completely stop the sperm release and the shooting, while still getting the feeling of a complete orgasm.

Start - Stop

Young men tend to race towards orgasm in the end.

With the start stop method, the opposite is done. The moment just before orgasm is explored and trained.

It is important to learn to slow down and stop every now and then. With a lot of practice, this happens automatically at some point. The initial goal is to keep stroking as long as possible without a full orgasm with sperm release. By not going any further with the penis regularly and also avoiding the most sensitive places.

Places like the glans are more the right places. An glans feels good but is less easy to cum with. The foreskin and especially the frenulum are more places to have an orgasm quickly. They are therefore not to be touched in the start-stop method.

Shooting without Orgasm

Those who have mastered the start – stop method will at some point notice that they manage to release their sperm just like that. The pelvic floor muscle must be relaxed for this. Anyone who jerks off automatically feels that the pelvic floor muscle slowly contracts during the jerking off. The trick is to “let go” of your penis over there and release that grip. Ultimately, that reflex should be gone and you should be able to jerk off with a relaxed penis.

It then becomes possible to gain control of the prostate via a detour. It takes a lot of experience. A young man can urinate on command. But releasing sperm on command is impossible. As soon as the penis is well controlled and trained, and the penis can be played correctly, you can more or less consciously choose to release sperm just like that.

The latter can also make jerking more varied. It will be possible to start with a dry jerk. Then release sperm yourself, and use it as a lubricant to continue wet jerking. With more practice, a little sperm can always be released that slowly dries up again. In this way, dry and wet jerking can be alternated several times.

Stopping Refraction

The better the orgasm and sperm shooting is controlled, the closer the prevention of refraction comes into view.

As more practice is done with advanced orgasms, a point is reached that shooting and orgasm can also happen together again, but with complete control. The first thing that is noticed that the refraction turnoff has not happened and the penis no longer goes limp. While it just remains pleasant to keep touching the penis. Despite the fact that a complete orgasm has been felt and the penis has shot a lot or even all.

If the orgasm is well trained then the “normal” orgasm, during a normal jerking or sex session to quickly come, becomes a longer lasting sensation. Those who normally had an orgasm feeling of 5 seconds are more likely to feel orgasms of 20 seconds or more.