Being in Love

Love is a difficult word. It is used both when you find someone sexually attractive and when you find someone attractive as a person. When both feelings play at the same time, it quickly becomes not only a difficult word, but also a complicated situation.

Because a penis is in a place where someone else can reach better than yourself, it can be even more difficult to know what the attraction is. Both from yourself and the other.

Although it can be fun to spend a whole day or a whole weekend only dealing with sexuality, you can’t fill every day with it. However, when there is (mutual) love, the human brain can no longer properly oversee it. Your penis mind and the mind in your head don’t come out right anymore. What remains is to try. Often as soon as possible. Feelings of falling in love where sexuality does not play a role also occur. During infatuation, the meaning of the infatuation remains vague.


There are a number of main motives for sharing your life with someone:

Money: Living together is cheaper.
Safety: If something happens to you, there is always someone with you.
Sex: A partner can handle your penis better than you.


There are a number of main reasons why relationships end:

Money: Someone loses their job or simply runs out of money.
Security: When love becomes abuse.
Sex: When your partner never wants sex anymore and you have too little privacy to jerk off.

Fairy Tales

The end of every fairy tale: “they lived happily ever after”.

This is certainly not the case. Everyone is different and no one is normal. Living with someone every day means work to learn that. Happiness doesn’t just come out of the blue, you have to be conscious about it every day.

Penises in Relationships

Penises deserve a good place in a relationship.

Penises have a mind of their own. Apart from your character, a good partner should also want to get to know the character of your penis. That is precisely why it is important to know your own penis well.

In a relationship, your penis should be the most normal thing in the world. Flaccid or stiff. You can jerk off in front of your partner. Your partner can also masturbate in front of you without confusing you. You are able to leave your penis completely to your partner, so that you can fully focus on your partner’s vagina or penis. Performance and cumming become side issues. Good harmony consists of two upper rooms and two lower rooms, all four of which come together. And knowing this does not work every day.