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Willies are measured with a ribbon. The length is measured from above, from the pubic bone to the tip of the glans. Foreskin does not count.
The circumference is measured by a measuring tape around the willy.

The length is related to the body height, but also to the length of the fingers. With a smaller willy, all sensory nerves are closer together. With a very large willy they are more spread. A willy that is too big can be clumsy. A larger willy is often found attractive for visibility. However, a small one is generally nicer to handle.

It is not the case that a willy no longer changes in size after puberty. The glans can grow, especially if it is exposed more often. Any erection also helps. Those who have a lot of erections on average can also grow a little bit in willy length and diameter. Conversely, when using steroids, what bodybuilders do, balls and willy can shrink again. As the foreskin is more often behind the glans, it becomes wider and straighter.

Average Willies

The average length of a hard willy varies by country and continent.

A nice willy is in proportion to the height and physique. Flaccid feeling soft and sweet, and hard, straight and firm.

The average Asian willy is somewhat smaller. The average African and South American willy is larger. Men from the United States have slightly smaller willies.

Willy Enlargement

There are several techniques for enlarging a willy. And also to make it straighter. It takes a lot of time. Because every willy gets hard and soft every day, especially at night, and is also used a lot, a willy is made in such a way that it always restores to its original dimensions. If a willy would grow bigger with wanking, every man would grow old with a very long willy.

However, there are techniques with which several centimeters in length can be added after a longer period of time and consistent application. An average willy can be made 2 to 3 centimeters longer in this way. The best known technique is the Yelq technique. This works like any sports exercise. Warm up first, then massage exercises, then relax. Below are two demonstration exercises. They can be tried without problems, because a single exercise can hardly be expected to have a lasting effect.

Willy Stretchers

Other techniques to make a willy longer are done with mechanical aids.

There are devices that stretch a willy. This technique is old. It used to be used to straighten a crooked willy. Especially to cure a penile fracture. A penile fracture is a damaged swelling body that can suddenly give a hard willy an angle of 90 degrees. Just like with the yelq technique it takes a long time to get a permanently longer willy with a strecher. In addition, the device must be set for half an hour every day. It is not really comfortable. However, it is a handy device to correct the typical banana shape from a willy and to make it nice and straight.

Willy Pumps

Another device is the pump. Most pumps work with air, but there are also some that work with water. The disadvantage of pumps is that they not only try to stretch the inner parts, but also that the skin of the willy is put in underpressure. As a result of which swelling and phimosis (swollen foreskin) are common. Although this disappears quickly because a willy is made to recover quickly, it can be painful. In addition, swelling seems as if the pumping has a lot of results, so that men often go too far. In reality, the result is small and, as with the other techniques, you have to train daily for six months or much longer to really achieve a difference of an inch or more in length.

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Today I had an orgasm of 7 minutes for the first time. Continuous. I never thought that would be possible.

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