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On the right a section of the skin. A lot of good bacteria and fungi live in healthy skin. Together they take care of the skin’s defenses. Also the skin of the willy.

If you use disinfectants, such as alcohol, the balance between bacteria and fungi can be disturbed. There may then be a fungal infection (white spots that itch) or a bacterial infection (red spots that hurt). Disinfectants are not healthy for a willy. Stress or the flu can also upset the balance.

Apple Vinegar and Spit

An old and perfect means to restore the natural balance in the skin of the willy is apple cider vinegar. It may sting a little, but a fungal infection is easily cured with it.

Another natural remedy is spit. Both from yourself and someone else. In the mouth there are a lot of bacteria, while a mouth heals very quickly. There are many strong enzymes in human spit that help with this. It is not for nothing that a willy fits so nicely in a mouth. Besides pleasant, it is very healthy to do regularly.

A nose cold is in a relatively small area of the body. Yet it make the whole body feel ill. The same is the case with willies. When a willy is kept nice and healthy, one feels better. In that sense it has nothing to do with sexuality or the fulfillment of lust.


There are small glands behind the glans edge. On a normal willy, the skin is over the head or against the head. The glands produce substances similar to those in the mouth to prevent inflammation.

If a knob is in its skin for a longer time, a typical peckish smell can arise, which smells like fish. In addition, dead skin cells can form a white layer. This is called smegma.

To get rid of all color differences on a willy, especially the glans, sunlight is the way. An glans can also turn brown nicely. If an glans has never been in the sun, start with caution as sunburn can also happen on an glans. Anyone who occasionally catches a little sun on everything gets a nice, evenly colored willy that looks more attractive.


The best way to keep a willy fresh is soap and water. With young willies, the soap can sting at the head, but this does not break anything. With young willies, only water is enough. Nature arranges everything else by itself.

A bath is better for a willy than a shower. The shower can also be unpleasant on the glans. A bath is much gentler on the willy.

If a willy has exercised a lot, a bath can be beneficial to a tired willy. Do not forget to do this with a bare head. If you have a small house, you can also use a tub. The water must be warm so that the circulation starts. Then don’t put on a slip too quickly, but let the willy breathe slowly first. The foreskin may swell slightly from a warm bath. This is the same effect as wrinkling fingers and toes in a bath. It quickly disappears. A warm bath is also great for loosening a tight foreskin and perfect for hypersensitive glances.


The specific willy smell has a function. It contains pheromones that can make others horny.
These pheromones spread over the pubic hair. That is not only to encourage reproduction. But also to be taken regularly in a mouth. So the willy stays happily healthy.

Shaving is fresher to get rid of the odor. It also makes a willy more a part of the body like any other part of the body. A man looks more complete. Hiding a willy in a bush of hair is like there is something special about it. While it’s just a willy. Shaving pubic hair is as normal as shaving a beard.

Being freshly washed and shaved is showing your partner that they are under no obligation. You have already done the maintenance yourself.

John La Rue
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Vandaag voor het eerst een orgasme van 7 minuten gehad. Zonder ophouden. Ik had nooit gedacht dat dat zou kunnen.

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