Glans feeling

The sensation of a hypersensitive glans can best be compared to touching the white of the eye. It is an unpleasant feeling and the reflex is to stop immediately. Many young men suffer from this. It makes discovering the sensation in the glans very difficult because a single touch is already too much. In some men it is so strong that even touching the navel is very uncomfortable. Glans hypersensitivity, but also navel hypersensitivity can get in the way of having fun with a penis. Especially with young men. The problem also occurs later in life, when a man has always tried to expose his glans as little as possible.

In the ideal penis, the foreskin pulls back on its own when it becomes stiff. By which the glans gets used to the outside world by itself. However, this is not the case with most penises.

Discover your own glans

Under warm water, the hypersensitivity in the glans disappears. It is the best tip for young men with a hypersensitive glans. If you don’t have a bath, a tub of warm water is fine too. Once in warm water you can feel how later your glans will feel. The more you do it, the more your glans will slowly get used to touch. Find out how you can also get off just by touching your glans.

Besides the bath, there are some other tricks. A condom can take away the hypersensitivity. There are also anesthetic sprays for sale. Both in sex shops and in pharmacies. The same sprays are also used against hemorrhoids.

Sleeping with a bare glans also allows the glans to get used to touch. A tight slip prevents the glans from moving and irritating too much.

Glans mechanism

If an glans is exposed more often, it sheds. It is a natural process in which an extra keratin layer forms. It normally happens when a glans has been exposed for a few days.

After that, the hypersensitivity is gone. The glans feels like velvet and can be touched normally.

The process is reversible. After a few weeks holding the foreskin over the glans, the extra layer of skin disappears and the glans becomes more sensitive again.

Keep the glans bare

If an glans is kept exposed longer, it will grow. The counter pressure from the foreskin is released, allowing the glans to grow wider and thicker. This is a lasting effect. With the foreskin forward, the glans becomes much more visible under the foreskin. The glans is also much more clearly visible in a swimsuit.

You can find tricks to keep the glans permanently exposed by clicking here.

Glans Tuning

The sensitivity of the glans can be adjusted by keeping the foreskin forward or backward.
The annoying feeling, as if you are being stung in the eye, can be removed. So you can let someone else calmly touch your penis.

Having a hypersensitive glans can lead to a lot of shame. Which you can solve quite easily with this article.

It also opens the way to get rid of other shame with a partner. Like that a penis can also just get stiff “without you planning anything”. This can be especially annoying for young men. Because young penisses often get stiff just like that. By itself.

It also happens the other way around: If you had planned something, but your penis does not get hard. As soon as your glans is no longer hypersensitive, your partner can better learn to get your penis erect. But it is also really not always important that a penis always has to be stiff. A flaccid penis can feel just as good as a stiff penis.