Why Balls?

Balls have a rather passive task. Because the penis is much more interesting, they are often not really examined properly. It is more something that is attached to it, but fortunately all other men have that too.

Before birth, the balls are the same organ as a girl’s ovaries. A girl is also building a complete baby factory around it.

In a boy they fall through the abdominal wall into a bag. They also produce reproductive cells. However, for posterity he only needs to shoot one of those tiny cells in the right place once. The expectant mother also does the heavy lifting. The rest of all the trillions of sperm a man makes are no more than fish food. Like we like to eat caviar the other way around.

Blue Balls

The main task of the balls is to make testosterone. That in itself triggers the prostate to make sperm. And both turn the penis nervous system back on to sexual appetite. With the ultimate goal: regular mental relaxation.

Besides the balls being in a bag because is a little bit better for the production of healthy reproductive cells, it is also a squeeze bag for testosterone. However, squeezing too hard hurts.

Especially at a young age they can also hurt for another reason. That’s called blue balls. It is a signal that the young man has to work urgently to get off. The squeeze bag starts to demand attention and hurt so he starts touching and squeezing them. Which only releases more testosterone. The combination with the fact that very young men usually have little privacy, and no permanent partner, means that they can often become difficult as adolescents. They have yet to learn to deal with their own horniness, which is a very vague feeling. And feel safe to learn quietly how everything works exactly without anyone interfering in it without being asked.

Muscle Mechanism

The entire scrotum is a muscular skin. It can contract and relax. This is especially visible at temperature. It contracts in the cold. It relaxes with heat.

However, more is happening. Also when a penis cums, it contracts and the balls move upwards. In addition, it also makes regular squeezing movements. To send reproductive cells to the bladders attached to prostate. And testosterone in the bloodstream. The place where the squeeze bag with balls is located, is also regularly uncomfortable for a man. Exactly between the legs. However, that also helps with squeezing.

Men also have a natural reflex to touch their balls. Especially if they don’t wear clothes. Often also when they concentrated on watching a movie or a sports match. And really no brain cell above thinks of sex. It’s to start the circulation down there. It often happens instinctively, without any sexual significance. Out of politeness, most guys learn to not do it openly. While it is very healthy what they do.


Just like a glans, young balls are also very sensitive. At an early age that is an extra signal to be careful with them for the time being.

Later that slowly decreases.

In addition to the fact that the fairly hard balls can be painful when used roughly, the bag is very sensitive to stroking. However, he is often skipped during jerking or other activities.


Natural testosterone production decreases at a later age. In our modern world probably too much, because many are used to getting dressed day and night, and tuck their balls away. Often do not understanding what they are for, or sometimes even think that all their sperm is produced there only.

Artificially adding extra testosterone is even worse. The balls themselves become even more lazier. As a result, the prostate no longer does its job often enough, produces less and less sperm, and can get swollen. Prostate problems often occur in old age. This is also easy to feel through the bum. Certainly at old age it is in any case useful to occasionally feel there. An average prostate feels like half a ping pong ball. When you press it gently it should feel nice. For some even so pleasant that they want to do it more often. It is simply the sperm reservoir of the penis and thus part of the whole penis system.

Various, and certainly ancient sources, describe the beneficial effect of massage of the balls. It can restore testosterone production and bring enough testosterone back into circulation. Sperm production increases again and the whole system remains healthy. One reason why older women can become cozier and older men become an old whine is that they do not know how to keep their system active themselves. Everything below becomes “sour” and then everything above. Once again an indication of how important a healthy penis is for a man and his mental health. A man with double bad luck in his life was troubled as an adolescent because he was not given enough space to discover what his penis does and can do, and has adapted in old age to the expectation that he “does not do such things anymore”. So it becomes as difficult as an adolescent once more, but in a different way.

The secret to a man’s happy life is understanding what his balls are for.