Everything at Once

Cumming is an explosive event. Several things happen at the same time. The feeling of orgasm goes through, the prostate releases sperm and the penis starts to squirt. After 15 seconds it is over and the interest for more disappears.

In young penises they are hardly distinguishable because everything goes so intense and fast.

However, the different parts of cumming can be separated. For example, it is possible to feel an orgasm without shooting. But also to release sperm without orgasm.


You can hardly feel what the prostate itself is doing. Inside the prostate is the fresh sperm. At some point, the prostate releases that.

However, this can also be completely without any other feeling. It sometimes happens that a man just shoots sperm without having an orgasm feeling.

In the video here you can clearly see that the man is surprised how his penis squirts, with reflexes while he really does not feel anything at all. He does not notice anything but still his penis shoots.

The penis just stays stiff in such cases. It can happen several times in a row, again without feeling orgasm. Afterwards it is also possible to feel a full orgasm with a now empty prostate. A clear drop can come out because the prostate was already producing new fresh sperm.

The video clearly shows what happens when the prostate sperm is released twice without there being an orgasm. It is also known as ruined orgasm. If you continue later for a full orgasm, the pressure of the prostate is gone, or the sperm is simply already gone. What is often not immediately noticed is that the penis does not become weak. The refraction turnoff did not happen either. A complete orgasm can still follow, which feels less explosive.


Just before orgasm, tingling starts to spread from the lower back.

They travel through the penis itself, the area around the bum, first spreading over the thighs.

The muscles in the scrotum contract, and often the balls pull up. The anus also contracts.

Ultimately, the tingling can spread all over the body and even the toes curl.

The video clearly shows how the toes can bend reflexively by touching the penis. This all comes from the lower body. It happens automatically.


By the time of orgasm, the urethra begins to contract. The sperm released by the prostate is then ejected.

Penises that produce a lot of sperm can shoot up to 15 times. Penises with very strong muscles in the urethra can sometimes shoot the sperm up to two meters or even further.

The contraction can be seen and felt in the area under the scrotum. It does not always have to be as intense. There are also penises where the sperm run out more than it is shot. This also differs per penis.

The video above shows how the urethra in particular contracts as soon as there is a feeling that the prostate has released the sperm. The pelvic floor muscle also squeezes. Automatically. The impulses come from the bottom where the feeling of orgasm is transmitted to the brain at the same time. With strong muscles it is therefore possible to spray very far.

Conversely, the reflex can be stopped by pressing on the muscles there. With good control even only with the pelvic floor muscle itself. Only that can be consciously controlled. With a normal cumming, the heartbeatlike contraction can be felt very well by holding a finger on it.

Orgasm Sensation

The orgasm feeling in the lower back is experienced by the consciousness above.

With a standard orgasm it takes between 5 and 15 seconds. Sometimes it takes a little longer. Also with a standard orgasm the substances are released that cause the refranction turnoff and make the penis weak again.

With the right exercises, it can be extended to minutes by holding back the refraction.

The orgasm takes a lot of energy. If a penis manages to have a continuous orgasm of ten minutes or more, the next day you can feel like you have been doing very hard sports. Those who are still young and in good condition, and discover how much more fun it is to stay on the mountain instead of jumping off every time, can enjoy the feeling of orgasm almost unlimited every day. However, overcoming the urge to keep jumping off right away, at an early age is not easy.