Ancient Times

It is difficult to find out exactly how today’s penis got to its final shape. There is a penis museum in Iceland( Here it appears, that compared to other animal species, there is a wide variety in animals with different types of penises.

Since a male penis also does not contain any bones, little can be excavated by archaeologists and it remains to be seen why the human penis looks exactly the way it looks. For example, the entire device could, in principle, also work perfectly without a glans. One speculation is that the glans has its shape to serve as a bottle licker. To remove previous sperm from a woman. However, it does not explain the specific sensitivity of a glans. Or the hypersensitivity that can especially occur in a glans. The special feeling that a well-tuned glans gives is apparently very important.

How exactly we got our specific model penis remains largely a mystery. However, it becomes more beautiful the more you know about it. Also looking more often or also touching when sexuality is not at all the point makes the penis as we have more beautiful.

Who, for whatever reason, but can not get used to penises, can click through to our help page: The penisgallery Here you can quietly look at penises, as well as the men they are attached to. Anyone who is used to the man with his penis, and the penis with his man, will find a dressed man really sexy. Even if penises aren’t in the viewer’s sexual preference. If anything, throughout history, is completely innocent, it is the penis itself. A reason why in art men are mainly painted with a sweet not too large penis.


In the Chinese empire, the emperor was considered immortal. This immortality diminished when the emperor lost sperm. To beget a new immortal emperor. But also during all entertainment with concubines. The practice of cumming without shooting sperm was already interesting for many emperors. Although that may not have been entirely healthy for the imperial prostate.

Another way to “recharge” immortality was to take in at least as much sperm as was lost. That’s why emperors also had concubines with penises. So men. Incidentally, this was not a theme at all in the Chinese empire. Definitions such as gay or heterosexual simply did not exist. If it was clear from the many history books of the oldest and longest lasting civilized culture we know, it was only raised when two men from very different social classes had done something with each other. The emperor himself did not get his fresh sperm from the countryside either. It had to be sperm of nobility. While Chinese communism has been deeply influenced by the Victorian West and the principles of celibacy of the Catholic priests as well as the assumption that if both Adam and Jesus had a penis, they did nothing but urinate, early communism has also known a Western-style persecution of gays in China. In modern China this is again not a theme, because it has never been a theme in that culture. What is a theme theme is general public decency. Reading a site like this is shocking to few Chinese. Reading it to the whole village square is something completely different.

In Japan, an open penis festival is celebrated annually. It’s called Kanama Matsuri. There are temples with huge penises (called phallus symbols by prudish westerners). At the beginning of April, these penises, the bigger the better, are carried around in procession. There is no old woman who has a heart attack. No child is shocked or bothered by bedwetting. The tucking away of penises, which remains so important in the West, happens the other way around. The beauty of the penis is shown. Especially in Japanese culture, the sight of a penis, of course with the head exposed, is not seen as bawdy. But showing pubic hair is.

Across Asia, the general beauty ideal is not an extreme man, or an extreme woman. It is more in the middle. The best is someone whom at first glance cannot be clearly seen, whether it is a man or a woman.

Countries like India, on the other hand, are strongly influenced by old English values and norms. While books like the Kamasutra (all nice sex positions in one book), temples devoted to sex and the lingam (= penis) and Tantric sex have their origins. Much higher penis science comes from India.


A little more to the west, in the Arab / Islamic world there is a huge separation of sexes. So there is not much else for men to choose than other men. Or get married. Although it is known that various male harems have existed, and playing with each other was and is sometimes highly cultivated, the general tenor is that it is prohibited and must not exist. Penetrating a man is the greatest disgrace, and a man who likes it, or even prefers it, is generally something that culture cannot deal with. It doesn’t make Arabs any less human nonetheless. Only the solutions can be quite bizarre.


During the time of the Romans and Greeks, there have been long periods of great penile freedom. Olympics were done naked. However, in contrast to Japan, it was sometimes not a good idea to show a glans. Athletes with an already pleasantly spacious foreskin then tied the foreskin with a string before starting to throw discus or javelin. A thin line that continues to the present is that in the modern West sports players are dressed. But in many sports, all shower or bathe naked together at the end.

In Roman times, sexual preferences were also very different. Partly comparable to the Chinese empire. Romans could be married to a woman, have children with her, but at the same time also have a relationship with a usually younger man. The latter type of relationship was often more highly regarded than the relationship with a woman. But both relationships did not erase each other. They simply existed simultaneously and without problems. These situations were only prohibited in much later times of epidemics, which meant that all kinds of sexual contacts had to be kept to a minimum. Furthermore, it was perfectly normal for a Roman to take a younger man with him to learn all the intricacies first. In all areas including the penis area. Then to start his own life, to find a wife for posterity, and to take a younger boy with him.

The same happened with the Greeks. Where especially the men with a male relationship were known as very good soldiers who literally went through the fire for each other.

With the ancient Egyptians it is not entirely clear how penises were handled. The penis played a very important role in the mummification of high placed. In the ritual, an artificial rigid penis was placed on the mummy.

The other way round, it has been described how a Pharaoh once came back from a war with all the enemy’s cut-off penises piled in chariots. Little is known about how the ancient Egyptians simply dealt with penises in their spare time. It can be assumed that therefore no distinction according to sexual preference played a significant role.

In contrast to the Greeks and Romans, who preferred to depict a small sweet penis in art, the ancient Egyptians preferred more a firm, stiff penis. As a result, it can be clearly seen that nothing has changed in the penis model over the centuries.

In the European world, people fell back to the Middle Ages, while the arbian neighbors experienced a cultural revival. As a result, much was drawn into the religious. In which one could no longer read and interpret one’s own scriptures properly. When free science finally broke through, much knowledge had been lost. Like making antibiotics like the ancient Egyptians already knew. There had been many plagues. With growth and slightly more freedoms, sexually transmitted pests such as syphilis also erupted. A strict Victorian era followed. With serious social distancing. Everything related to penises was defined as extremely dirty. The growth of science has subsequently debunked much superstition and nonsense. Except about penises. There people preferred to keep talking neatly and aloof about “penises” or “phalluses”. Something we would rather not see or name.

A difficult question for the Christian world is that the creator created the first man in his image. The man Adam. What people do not know how to ask is whether Adam had a penis and so he was pleasantly jerking off every day, like every man. Because then his creator should do that every day too. In the end, the same Adam was bored and the first woman was made. In addition to many aspects that a woman has, there is also a characteristic: she has a place that can contain a penis. While those penises also fit from behind. Adam has that too. And then the question arises as to whether the creator and Adam occasionally did anything together then. Eventually things go wrong and both are expelled from paradise. They must now “cover” themselves. This once again reveals nothing but the truth. Because if there was nothing there was nothing to cover. There is no more logical explanation than that it was because it is the most paradise place of the body.

Later comes Jesus, also in the image of the creator. So man and therefore with a penis. He has all male friends. And a girlfriend. Now read back above what was already the most normal thing in the world in the Chinese empire, with the Greeks and with the Romans. The problem in Western Europe is that this knowledge had been lost since the Middle Ages. A very distorted image is created that could never have been the intention of that same creation. Priests, who must live in celibacy. But in reality often are great penis experts. Unfortunately, however, they often end up in abuse situations or develop a secret preference for this, due to this split mindset. Adam’s little penis, incidentally, was beautifully painted centuries ago by Michelangelo in the Vatican. So the answer to the most difficult question has been around for a long time.

60´s and 70´s

After a few heavy world wars, a brief revival in freedom, emancipation and sexuality broke out in the 1960s and 70s. Which also had repercussions in art and music.

An important invention was the birth control pill. Which took the pregnancy risk out of the game. At the same time, the power of the churches and religions became much less.

However, all this was mainly related to the economic recovery of the time. The significance for the general culture of the 1960s and 1970s is sometimes overestimated. This also became apparent with the ideals propagated at the time. The old Victorian principles turned out to be deeper than expected.

The Penis Today

The current time is mainly influenced by the American social media. penises from the USA are squeamish. South American penises have much more fun. Due to the Spanish influences, the South American penis is much freer and more modern. Classical Roman life is still there, as it has always survived in Spain itself.

The United States is a country that is particularly notable for its childish prudery. While, on the other hand, it has long been the largest producer of porn in the world. People around the world are increasingly using social media. And are corrected towards the childishly prudish American world. Not only if they dare to share their own penis through that medium, for example. But also with any artwork. The still too young American culture is not able to distinguish between a beautiful penis and an vulgar one. Western and other countries are indirectly forced to think similarly.

So the penis continues to struggle to date. Accused of many diseases over the centuries. And still portrayed as something you should be ashamed of and feel guilty about. Strangely enough, this spasm is found even in naturist parks where one tries to achieve the exact opposite. They usually have very strict house rules where one must especially insist that one has not seen anything, even though everything is visible. Making a simple compliment that a man has a nice, beautiful or interesting penis is something almost everyone finds weird. While beautiful lips, or nice haircut are the most normal thing to say. If someone does the first regularly at a naturist club, they will probably even be evicted.

A nice development is that the exchange of penis photos is becoming more and more common. Through all kinds of chat channels, younger men in particular are much more used to showing what exactly is in their briefs. Photos that show both penis and face are also becoming less of a problem. So the need to keep hiding the penis deep into the darkest night is also changing. And this is certainly positive. Very many young men and middle-aged men nowadays have a few quick pictures of their penis ready in their phone to show them as quickly as necessary or when asked. Also asking for such pictures is more and more accepted and becoming normal.